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Women in Mining UK 2020-2021 Camborne School of Mines Scholarship – Anna Price

By 22/02/2021News

London – 22 February 2021: Women in Mining UK 2020-2021 Camborne School of Mines Scholarship – Anna Price

Written by Anna Price

Hi, I’m Anna, a Women in Mining UK scholarship recipient at the Camborne School of Mines (CSM), where I am a mining geology student. I am currently one term into my Master’s year and I have already learnt a remarkable amount. The course material is incredibly diverse; from learning about sustainability within the mining sector to getting a greater idea of the different mining methods that can be employed. The variety of the course ensures we all stay engaged and motivated.

So what does a typical day as a mining geology MSc student look like? On average, I have between 2-5 hours of seminars a day, which require me to pre-watch lectures that are discussed during seminars. Despite being in and out of lockdown, CSM staff have put in a lot of time to ensure we all have access to University resources, which, as I’m sure you can imagine, has been helpful when using new mining-related software, such as ISATIS, ioGAS and Vulcan.

Due to teaching restrictions, all teaching is currently online, and while it would be great to meet the rest of my cohort in person, the endless supply of coffee in the comfort of your own home definitely has its benefits. Assignments have been full-on but they keep us all busy, and the coursework has helped solidify and expand upon the information we have learnt in the lectures.

Fieldtrips haven’t gone ahead as usual this year due to COVID-19. However, this hasn’t stopped lecturers providing fantastic online learning resources. On a recent field trip to Botallack Mine, our module leads not only organised a safe trip for students but also an interactive, online field trip for those that could not attend in person. By lecturers going the extra mile, it ensures the entire cohort has access to the field trip. Moreover, the diversification of groups to include those attending in person and online enhances our learning and betters our understanding.

Cornwall has been a great place to be situated while studying. The fabulous beaches and countryside have offered a welcome distraction from work, and in a time where there is a lot of negativity, this access to the outdoors has helped a lot of us.