100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining

First launched by Women in Mining UK in 2013, the biennial “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” (WIM100), now in its fifth edition, highlights the incredible diversity of talent in mining and celebrates inspirational women and their stories across all roles and seniority.

In our 2020 edition, we received a record 626 nominations from 60 countries around the world. The 100 women featured were selected due to their inspiring contribution towards a stronger, safer and more sustainable mining industry. This includes making positive and impactful changes, advocacy and a desire to empower others, perseverance in the face of adversity, and an ability to find solutions to challenges.

The WIM100 tells the stories of their accomplishments, their struggles, their careers, and their advice for creating a mining industry fit for the future. Overall, the WIM100 editions are about women who champion equity and fairness, and through their stories we hope readers will see a reflection of themselves which will inspire them to forge careers in mining.

Nominations are now closed.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2022 edition of the WIM100. 

What Makes A WIM100 Woman?

She is a trailblazer.
A WIM100 woman is a pioneer. She is an innovator. She makes positive and impactful changes so the industry can operate in a more safe, sustainable and inclusive way.
She advocates and empowers.
A WIM100 woman offers proactive advocacy to those working in the mining industry and beyond. She empowers her colleagues to ensure everyone feels heard, welcomed and respected.
She perseveres in the face of adversity.
A WIM100 woman is resilient and determined. She has the courage to speak up, challenge the status quo and break barriers.

WIM100 Nominations Tutorial

In this short video we walk you through how best to write an impactful WIM100 nomination.

A ll of the WIM100 editions are a living history of women who work in mining around the world.

Through their stories, they show us how they have persevered in the face of adversity, how they have found solutions to challenges, and how they are empowering others by being a voice and leader for a more successful and sustainable mining industry. Their stories provide inspiration and valuable insight for all.

These publications highlight the incredible diversity of talent in mining and we believe the recognition and celebration of these inspirational women and their stories are integral to changing attitudes in the sector.

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