P romoting the employment, retention and progress of women in the mining industry.

Part of WIM’s role is to speak for women in the mining sector, informing industry participants and decision-makers of the challenges and opportunities women are finding in pursuing careers in mining companies and other mining-related businesses.

This entails participating in meetings and industry bodies and constantly increasing the visibility of our organisation.

Another aspect of our role is to promote the mining sector as a career choice for all women in all professions through our work with universities and other organisations.  We also seek to contribute to the research and business case for the economic advancement of women in the mining sector.

Supporting professional development and providing opportunities to network.

WIM is dedicated to constantly increasing and improving member’s services. These include:

  • Networking drinks and speaker seminars on mining or career-related topics.
  • A UK-focused mining events calendar.
  • Maintenance of the members’ directory and facilitating direct contacts between members.

The network aims to enable individual members to come together and exchange ideas and information and to create connections that allow our membership to raise the profile of women in the mining sector, both locally and globally.

WIM Key Facts

  • Founded in 2006.
  • Dynamic network of 2000 professionals.
  • Members from most mining-related professions and businesses.
  • Members based mostly in the UK and continental Europe.
  • Regular networking events and seminars.
  • Annual Autumn student event.
  • Presence at Mines and Money London and annual cocktail reception.
  • Online events calendar listing WIM and key industry events.
  • Online interactive Members’ Directory to facilitate networking.
  • Coordination with other women’s networks in the UK and other WIM groups worldwide.