W IM’s Global Outreach Committee forges strong collaborative relationships with…

other Women in Mining groups, industry associations and government bodies around the world to support the development of sustainable diversity and inclusion best practices in the global mining industry, as well as opportunities for networking and learning from one another.

In addition, WIM also supports the establishment of new grass root national and regional women in mining groups to expand the level of global outreach for women, and provide a stronger voice and greater visibility to women in the industry, in line with our goal to attract, retain and advance women in the global mining sector.

WIM’s Global Outreach Committee is also proudly responsible for delivering the “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” publications, which serve to celebrate women’s inspirational contributions to the global industry, by shining a light upon the “living history” provided by these trailblazing role models.

We also publicise the huge array of global WIM networking and diversity events on our monthly events calendar and promote the #WIMvoice speakers list, which showcases the breadth and depth of female professional talent and works with event organisers to ensure diversity of speakers at major mining conferences.

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