T he International Committee has been created in response to discussions with our major partners…

in order to provide a link for the international WIM community to come together and engage on thought leadership, best practice and to share global networks.

Our objective is to encourage collaboration and innovation by allowing all WIM Groups to feel supported and have the opportunity to network and learn from each other with more ease.  We, as a committee, will continue to develop and create relationships with regional WIM groups and hopefully, be able to support other smaller WIM groups by hosting joint events and sharing research and knowledge on this page.

Women In Mining (UK)
Women In Mining Canada
WIM Chile
Women In Mining Guinee
Women In Mining Nigeria
WIM South Africa
WIM Singapore http://www.wimarsg.com/
WIMWA https://womeninmining.com/
WIMARQ https://womeninminingqueensland.com/
Women’s Mining Coalition