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Quick test – Gold Jewellery Buying

By 24/02/2011March 9th, 2018News

 Are the following events positive or negative for gold jewellery buying?

1.Valentines day:  positive

2. The Eid al Fitr at the end of Ramadan in the Arabian Gulf: positive

3. The Shrad period in India: negative

4. A good monsoon: positive

Valentine’s day and the Eid al Fitr are both present giving occasions and those presents may well be of gold. Much demand for gold in India still comes from rural areas –a good monsoon normally equals good crops and an increase in rural incomes, hence more gold buying.  In contrast the Shrad (or Shrahd) period in India (normally in September or October) is devoted to the dead; it is not considered auspicious for marriages and the purchase of major items.