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Black Lives Matter to Women in Mining: A Message of Solidarity and Allyship

By 09/06/2020News

London – 9 June 2020: 14 years ago, Women in Mining (WIM) was established to promote the employment, retention and progress of women in the mining industry. There was, and continues to be, a need for an organisation like ours to address gender discrimination and injustice in mining.

We have all been deeply impacted by the injustice and horror of George Floyd’s death by police in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests around the world against systemic racism in our society. Women in Mining rejects racism and all other forms of discrimination and we stand firm with Black women in mining, their families and friends, and all others who continue to experience racism around the world.

We believe in creating a fairer world and over the years WIM has created a platform to be heard, sharing perspectives and building compassion and empathy through honest conversations. We will continue to use that platform to break down barriers and ensure mining is as inclusive to women as it is to everyone else including the Black community.

This is a time for listening, self-reflection and action and we can all play a part in the fight against racism by speaking up and engaging with our employers and companies across the industry to ensure there is a commitment and action plan to eliminate discrimination and bias. WIM’s values of inclusiveness, respect and the desire to effect change will continue to guide us to our goal of a fairer world.

If you would like to learn more, scroll down for some suggested links to third-party sites.

Carole Cable
Chair of Women in Mining (UK)
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

About WIM
Women in Mining UK (WIM) is a volunteer non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the employment, retention and advancement of women in the mining sector. WIM offers a strong international network to progress professional goals and career aspirations and hosts numerous networking, educational and mentoring events to support personal development. Membership is free to both women and men.

WIM Contact
Ariadna D. Peretz
Head of Communications
T: +44 (0) 7488 495 969

Below are links to a few sites that contain resources to support Black Lives Matter. Please note this list acts only as a suggestion, is not comprehensive, and Women in Mining (UK) takes no responsibility for the contents of these third-party websites or the content that is contained within them.

Resources and toolkits

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