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Students & Grads

Getting ahead for graduates

WIM (UK) promotes the mining sector as a career choice to women in all professions. We view the undergraduate and graduate stages of a person’s career as times to make important decisions, and our experts have put together a collection of tips to help you get started.

Engaging with experts and networking

WIM (UK) and other organisations specific to your career discipline can provide ideal settings to engage with more experienced individuals. In addition to networking, they provide the chance to learn good career habits, garner useful advice and become further involved in your industry of choice.

Read more about networking here.

CVs and fine-tuning

Before graduating, you should invest time and effort into sealing your first job, which will include compiling a great CV. Thereafter, updating your CV, references and other supporting documents ought to be an annual activity; review your career path, decide what changes you need to make to keep moving towards your goals, and reflect on your recent achievements regularly.

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Using your university and seeking advice

Some individuals find it difficult to promote their achievements and skills, while others are liable to saying too much. Getting a second opinion from others within your university such as a lecturer or student peer can save you from making basic mistakes and ruling yourself out of roles that are right for you. It may not always be the easiest advice to receive, but often a critical second opinion proves invaluable and your university will have a variety of means to offer this.

Click here for a list of universities and the courses within mining they offer.

WIM Top Tips

  • Go to as many networking events as possible, 9/10 jobs are earned through networking.
  • Show initiative, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, chat, be friendly, people recommend people they like.
  • Ask for advice, if people think you value their experience and views, they are more likely to help you and recommend you.
  • Always follow up with an email after you have met someone in the industry, they will remember your name.
  • Always research a company thoroughly before an interview.
  • Do as many internships, as much commercial work experience as you can.
  • Ask a more experienced person to review your CV, as it’s important to know what companies look for and to be relevant.
  • Be open minded to all jobs as experience counts for a lot and may lead to your ideal job.
  • Keep abreast of the news, for example the week in mining www.minesite.com, will keep you up to date with what is going on in the industry.
  • Potential employers will research you so it is important to ensure your public profile is up to date and accurate, eg. Linked-in and any other networking sites to ensure they wouldn’t compromise your job prospects!
  • Stay positive – don’t get disheartened.

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